I love giving presents and letters to my loved ones on their birthdays, no matter where they are in the world — because it always makes me sit down, think about the friendship we have and what it means to me, and take a little time to make something for them that in the best case makes them smile. I don’t do it to get something back, but to be completely honest it makes me really sad when some of them don’t even remember my birthday (especially when they know how important it is to me). I will keep doing what I do because I love doing it, but I can’t help but noticing that every year on my special day, there is one or two of the most important people who I don’t hear from at all. And maybe I just miss the time when I was so important to them that they wouldn’t ever forget about me. I don’t know.

birthday mornings :)

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

—  Mother Teresa

these two :)

Daniel and Silva in my home
film, mid December 2013

There & Jan, July 2012

“You think you know someone. But mostly you just know what you want to know.”

— Joe Hill

Sometimes rain at night feels warmer than a sunny afternoon. On sundays it tends to be both, and for once I put my arms around you as you fall asleep in a mixture of blankets and my warmth.

Stuttgart’s vineyards

a scent of rain

some things have to be left behind
to be considered as good

“Sometimes it is the smallest thing that saves us: the weather growing cold, a child’s smile, and a cup of excellent coffee.”

—  Jonathan Carroll

another lovely evening spent with Gesine :)

Naomi loading film into her camera
film, early August 2014

"I am here. I will always have been here."

— Rosa Joy, in a hologram (part iii)

my kitchen has the best light in the afternoon hours