Why is it, although you know so well that creating makes you unbelievably happy, that you don’t spend your whole day doing what you love, and what loves you back?

I asked myself that question a little over half a year ago, when I had long ended up in an inspirational rut and just the thought of grabbing my camera and leaving the house, for some reason, was too tiring.
I have finally become one with my camera again during the past weeks, and I do finally have an answer to the question I so often asked: I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense to me why I would ever forget how wonderful the feeling of creating and doing something right is.
That moment today felt a little like my photo adventures many years ago, when I wasn’t such a perfectionist yet and used to just set up my camera and see where it got me. It felt really, really good although I only had a few minutes until the sun went down.
This simply is my thing after all.


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